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Our mission is to give support to people who are paralyzed from gunshots, their families and the millions of people who are just tired of the shooting and want it to stop. We're joining together with various organizations and taking a stand.

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14 -November -2019 - 21:39


I learned my 20 year old friend succumbed to his injuries that same night. His 16 year old brother who was not injured that night was murdered approximately a month later. I was told that he was shot multiple times in his head.

In spite of this, I have found the courage to heal and survive. I have endured (4) four surgeries on my brain, two(2) craniotomies and (2) two cranioplastys. The bullet broke the bone in the top of my skull and my brain was vulnerable. There was no shield for my brain and I was forced to wear a helmet on my head for safety reasons from April 5, 2006 until May 31, 2007. I had my fourth cranial surgery and the titanium plate was successfully inserted on May 31, 2007. 

Still with the help of my parents, siblings, friends, and dedicated healthcare professionals,I have learned how to live again.
Today I can walk, talk, sit upright, dress, and bathe myself with assistance, and even catalog my story for you.

I am currently attending college.  My involvement in this survivors network specifically Broken Winggz is to be a source of support for others, to offer inspiration ,motivation, hope, and encouragement. We want others to know recovery is possible, support is necessary.